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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2019 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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this is deja news live from berlin poland bids farewell to the popular liberal mayor of good danske who died monday after being stabbed at a charity event mourners. whose murder sent shock waves around europe is being laid to rest in the city where he was born and governors also coming up. the death toll rises to sixty six in mexico after a gas pipeline explosion the blaze north of mexico city engulfed people had gathered to fill up containers with fuel. and fire in munich kicks off the second half of the bundesliga season with a win against hoffenheim by and are hoping to get back on top of the league by
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seasons at. the next vice or welcome to the program leading figures in poland and the european union are in good debts today paying their respects to the city's late mayor pavel a dam of it was fatally stabbed while on stage at a charity event last sunday the murder of the liberal politician is believed to have been politically motivated pavel a bitch is being remembered for his civic engagement in his hometown and for his willingness to speak up about his convictions. even the cover innocent babies church could provide enough space for the mourners and get done sq thousands lined the streets to pay their respects to puzzle out the move of their former mayor and a man who embodied liberal values at a time of political run code in poland some wept as they watched the service on specially erected big screens amid the sotu there was fear for the future.
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it's very sad that we come together here under these circumstances we can to lower society to be devoted to the assassination last sunday show does exactly where that leads. i'm here to take a stand against aggression in our society and because they want to honor the men who were for twenty years. that it. is rife with aggression nationalism and then if i see it every day. inside the church the polish prime minister looked on as the archbishop of danske echoed the calls for unity seeing the move which is death was a bell calling for alarm. the presence of european council president and ex polish prime minister donald tusk himself a good native was a reminder to the to move which is continued belief in the european union. he
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was a good done a poll but also a european who believed in european values above all freedom and solidarity. was laid to rest on saturday in the city in whose service he had spent his life many hope that his violent death allegedly at the hands of a political opponent will prove a catalyst in healing the country's divisions. joining us now live from good to ask is do you have your correspondent monica. monica we understand you're outside the church where the funeral is taking place what have people there been telling you. many of her the people who came here. from all over poland and from other countries are still deeply shocked after the tragedy with which happened six days ago in the diocese they don't really find an answer any answer on question how is it possible
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that it could happen in poland today in the heart of europe and. the people are. in memory of the movie who is very good today. of person who was open minded and want wanted to invite to the city of the giants many different people from different cultures also during the. funeral ceremonies today representatives from different. religion religious minorities living in the diocese pray prayed for prayed for him so that people here will miss part of them of each hole was one of the most important voices liberal progressive voices in poland today which is now under the rule of the national conservative government i think we can all understand why people are
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looking for answers to their questions on the ground there and it does give let me ask a question to you though is it too early at this point to talk about all this having a wider european significance. well i am sure that it has a wider european significance of many reasons not only poland is a country which is deeply divided but also many other countries in europe are now divided and these political divisions. are something which for many politicians also in poland and in europe. in their opinion can that be it can be dangerous it can cause lead to an atmosphere of hate which can lead also to such criminal and barbaric acts like this political martyr in poland in the six days ago so that's the reason also why different from other countries are here today also the polish high ranking politicians like prime minister and president are attending
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but also. who was a close friend to the assassinated mayor who comes also from the giants is now the president of the european council he is here and also the former president of germany are many and many mayors of german and other cities in europe this is a message going here from poland today from dion's a warning to many euro to the european people and call and political divisions and to have more tolerance and understand we. thank you for that monica get out. to mexico now where at least sixty six people have died and dozens more are missing after a fuel pipeline exploded the disaster happened one hundred kilometers north of mexico city officials say residents from the town of twelve people were siphoning fuel from an illegally tap pipeline when it exploded in
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a huge fireball the blaze has been put out but rescue services are continuing to examine the site. hundreds of people could not resist the temptation of free gasoline the fuel was spraying from a pipeline connected to a nearby refinery run by pe mix mexico's state run petroleum company it says thieves had illegally tapped the pipeline people soon crowded around the front to fill their pails and jerry cans. a couple of hours later an explosion and the fireball and gulf the scene. witnesses said many of the victims were covered with flames as they ran for their lives for now it's not clear what triggered the explosion but gasoline and its fumes are highly flammable a single spark is all it takes. but. it wasn't just ten or twenty people there were hundreds of people collecting gasoline which was coming
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out of the pipe on the one hand they needed it but it was also bad judgment. we know the risks of gasoline it is very explosive they were young people who didn't realize the risks. of. this tragedy comes just weeks after president lopez obrador launched a crackdown on theft from mexico's vast network of fuel pipelines on a late night visit to the scene he vowed to press ahead with a policy. this is as you know the name of it unfortunately what this show is is that we have to end this practice which has led to this tragedy that. there was nothing. the government says thieves drilled more than twelve thousand illegal taps in the first ten months of last year. those tops often lead to fires and loss of life. tragedies the deadliest in recent years. let's take
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world violent protests have erupted in the sudanese capital khartoum. with hundreds of mourners following a funeral of a man shot during a protest on thursday witnesses say officers fired live ammunition and used tear gas against demonstrators who threw rocks deadly as the government protests are now in their fifth week. colombia has reactivated arrest warrants against leaders of the leftist group living in cuba it comes two days after a deadly car bombing in. left at least twenty one people dead the government blamed the rebels for the blast it said peace talks won't resume unless the group stops its attacks. and u.s. president donald trump says he had a very good meeting with north korea's nuclear envoy and that the two sides had made a lot of progress. after the pair held nearly two hours of talks on friday. on
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denuclearization with north korean leader. in late february. and germany's bavaria based party has elected a new chairman and. placed german interior minister. at the head of the party chancellor angela merkel's christian democrats are closely allied with. suffered heavy losses last year in the elections. defending. traveled. to kick off the second half of the season trail league leaders. to lost on their last two trips to hoffenheim. hoffenheim had beaten by and here in both of their most recent attempts and the hosts were hoping to make it three home victories in a row against the champions but by and had a point to prove in the thirty fourth minute the only gorecki pounced on the power
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to make it more new a smart finish from the germany international observers eleven minutes later school was again this time he latched on to the end of a tough week i live across the bow it's the midfielder's first ever does the good brace i'm hosed off and i'm came out with guns blazing in the second half an early counterattack culminates in this brilliant strike by nathan shoots his first league goal of the season once remember. but the hat trick of home wins against by and wasn't to be so but never does steep champions beyond sight in the eighty seven minute. job done for by and they've returned from the winter break looking shop and they've got to open in their sights. now biron moved within three points of league leaders dortmund but that club is up
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against leipsic today after an impressive first half of the season dortmund reckons it can finally end next run of six consecutive honestly good titles. there's plenty of anticipation in dortmund for the second half of the season. sitting atop the league where their biggest rival may be complacency and it's a disease it's a good situation to be in but we know there are seventeen more games and that it's still a long season ahead pressure to perform dortmund dominated the opening half of the season with fast paced entertaining play they'll have to hit the ground running though against their first opponents of the second half of the season fourth placed leipsic. dampening the mood somewhat is the recent illness through captain marco reuters and passer is only just coming back from injury together they scored twenty three goals in the first half of the season more than half of dortmund's total to the team looked
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a bit shaky in recent friendly match at the mouth of the final you've got the christmas season then new year's eve then you spend time at a sunny beach in dubai or somewhere and you look at the table and everyone is passing you on the back of. perfectly normal for the tension to lessen but we can't let that affect us. statistics point toward a successful second half of the season for dortmund a club that has led the league three times at the halfway mark and each time won the title. australian open tennis now and germany's alexander it's fair of is looking like a title contender he moved into the round of sixteen with an easy win on saturday it's very of is building on his biggest ever tour victory at november's a.t.p. tour finals when he beat both roger federer and novak djokovic on the way to the trophy the women's top seed simona halep defeated venus williams to set up what could be the best match of the tournament against serina williams. now winter in
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the northern hemisphere means every imaginable competition for those who can quickly and often stylishly get from the top of a mountain to the bottom and free riding is just one such competition for skiers and snowboarders who make their own way down all kinds of terrain without any serious rules this is from the opening event of the free ride world tour today in the heart of what's called the japanese alps it's known among free riders for the heavy snow fall and conditions were perfect for this year's event so let's join them for a few moments. a
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lot easier to watch than to do that and more will be coming up for you in the coming broadcast don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our website at www dot com thanks for joining me to. discover your concept discover with us. to one hundred years to the ideals of the bombs i'm already today than they were.


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